I started with this blog as a hobby. I report here on personal experiences that I have had at home and in my profession, or are currently doing. I am not a technical expert in all the topics I describe here. I am good at gathering information and organising. But for me to be able to do this permanently, I need to be equipped with good basic knowledge in the fields. So you should of course enjoy everything I write with a critical look.

The first content will be a series of articles that I will publish cyclically, which will describe the construction of a small enterprise architecture at home. The goal is to provide services securely and flexibly on the Internet and, if necessary, to provide services a little more, like monitoring, which I will tackle in parts.

1) Who is the content addressed to?

I will try to rework the content so that hopefully everyone can use it, whether with IT knowledge or not. However, I believe that no one without IT knowledge will find out about the topics I describe. But that is conjecture. Basically, I will try to explain all content as easily as possible, ideally with a few abbreviations or explanations.

2) What is the content of a enteprise architecture? The goal?

I don’t think the word really exists as such, it’s used and not just by me.

What I mean by this is that we will be guided by the requirements of an SME and build them up bit by bit. This means that we will deal with topics such as installation, operation (update, maintenance), monitoring, backup or redundancy in almost everything we build.

We’re going to build something similar to a DMZ, not quite as strict, we’re just too small at home. We will build several services (WebDav, Card/CalDav, Plex, Graylog, VPN, etc) and put some focus on security and scalability, as well as portability.

The technical, logical communication order could look like this: Internet -> Web Application Firewall -> ReverseProxy -> Service. This “mini” architecture brings us some possibilities, which I will describe in detail in the articles.

3) What will I publish?

I will try to publish one article per month. That sounds like little, but I also have to prepare the contents first and it’s just my hobby.

These articles will be published as of 01.06.2019 in 4 weeks:

  1. Store your data at home, e.g. on a NAS!
  2. Get your contacts and calendars back under your control!
  3. Reverse? What is that? How does it help me?
  4. How do I let my ReverseProxy talk to TLS? What is CertBot and why do I need a Docker container?
  5. Bring KeePass to all clients via WebDav
  6. PiHole in the Docker and what it goes for
  7. Build GrayLog as a central for logs and connect first sources
  8. Make backups of our solutions